Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Edgar Wright, the amazing update Wizard! snagged an interview with one of my favorite writer/directors, Mr. Edgar Wright. This fella's got the goods ladies and gents. His television and film career have made him a staple of any geek collection, and his upcoming projects seem to affirm that image. In the interview, Wright talks a bit about what's going with his Scott Pilgrim adaptation, starring Michael Cera. I guess he's adapting all six books for the movie, which, although I haven't read the series, sounds like a good idea to me. I think strict adaptations are great, and for a lengthy, involved series like Preacher I think it's necessary. But Scott Pilgrim sounds to me like the kind of project that if anything, should go the route of Sin City, and do a few of the books as one movie that could stand alone, and then if its successful, do the rest of the series as another movie. As Wright points out, Pilgrim isnt Harry Potter, it doesn't seem to have the necessary elements or fan basis to warrant a film per book and all the work that would have to go into five sequals. It also sounds like the kind of story that you could tell concisely, in one film. I dunno about anyone else but that news has me kind of excited.

He also drops some knowledge on Wizard about Ant-Man. Check his quote at the end where he talks about making the uncool, cool. I think this is the perfect frame of mind for Ant-Man. As Wright says, the character is definitely considered D-list by most people. I think this is also just a great storytelling device that should get used more often.

Oh and he also says he and Pegg are hoping to at least work on the script for the final installment of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy over the course of the next year. Sweet.


Dustin said...

I should lend you Scott Pilgrim Vol 1. It's like the opposite of any character Michael Cera has played, so it should be fun to watch him play someone who's way too confident in himself.

G.Rett said...

dude i would be so totally greatful. I'm a comic whore. I was not into the medium until recently which was obviously a huge mistake. So i'm taking whatever I can get my hands on.