Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Sam Raimi trying to make me look like an idiot?

Late last year I had the oppertunity to interview Bruce Campbell (which you can listen to here, or  read right over here).  During the interview, I asked Bruce if there had been any development on the Evil Dead 4 front, since Sam Raimi, the initial trilogy's creator, had announced he and Bruce had been talking about a fourth film.  Bruce told me he and Sam were both so busy on upcoming projects (a new directing gig for Campbell, and the Spider-man sequels for Raimi) that it most likely wouldn't happen, at least not for a while.  So after I interviewed Bruce, I immidiately posted an update on Evil Dead 4 claiming it wouldn't be happening.

Well goddamn you Sam Raimi, stop trying to make me look like a fool!  Cinematical reported today that Raimi, talking to Empire Magazine, revealed that he and his brother Ivan are already at work on a script for Evil Dead 4!  This is exciting news, but don't get too excited.  So far there are seven pages, and it sounds like they're just notes about what they'd like to do with Ash this time around, where they'd like the story to go.  But either way, thanks for breakin my balls Sam.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are gets a Fantastic Trailer!

It's here folks! (and it was enough to bring me back to the blogs!) I've been waiting for the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze's return to film and adaptation of one of my favorite children's books by Maurice Sendak, for months now.  Based on what I see here, this movie is somehow going to exceed my expectations.  And the Arcade Fire!  What a perfect choice!  The only thing that could make this better for me would be a theater full of children crying their eyes out (oh wait, that's right, Jonze had to recut the movie a whole bunch just to prevent this from happening).  Regardless of whatever problems Jonze might've had getting this just right, it looks like he did indeed get it just right. Thanks to cinematical for finding this!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Arranging Your DVDs/Picking Your Favorites...

So in the past 6 months since I moved to Philly my DVD collection has become a bit scattered throughout the livingroom. I am thinking tonight that I will try to arrange them and get them back into a managable order. Back when I was living with my parents I had a somewhat unique way of filing my DVDs that really only I understood. It was arranged based upon genres and directors or stars. There was a couple movie streak in the comedy section for Ben Stiller which morphed into Will Ferrell and then Jack Black with all such interrelated comedies. While I thought it to be quite efficient it left some stuff up for interpretation. I liked seeing all my Wes Anderson and Charlie Kaufman films together. However tonight I think for the first time I may alphabetize my collection.

There are still a few problems I face and may have to wait to rectify until I move out around June sometime and get a smaller place with my best friend Carl (nothing gay, I'm sure we'll both be trying our hardest to sex up the ladies... which is sure to end in failure). I have a small dvd rack for which I have recently only used for my single dvds and not my box sets. Should I encorperate the box sets into the over collection or should I make a seperate section to alphabetize? Also there the problem of what to do when I purchase more! Not everything fits on that tiny rack, and as soon as I get another movie that starts with "A" I have to move everything one over! All this headache on the top of the fact that now I'm getting blu rays so should they have their own section too? My heart tells me yes, but my head tells me no. I think it's best to follow your heart, so they will get their own section.

Ever since I worked all summer and saved up to get my first dvd player I have worked diligently to expand my collection of dvds. Since that time I have become a sort of Netflix to my friends. I still have a handful of DVDs I have not seen in months, not to mention whoever the little bastard was who took my Lolita dvd from my Stanly Kubrick Collection before I ever got to watch it! One day I will have my vengence... It's difficult being the man with the dvds, the human IMDB. Yeah, life is real tough.

This leads me to my next major life crisis, how the heck do I finally narrow down my top 10 favorite movies of all time!? Since 2008 ended all I see is top ten lists for the year, which mnaturally makes me think to myself, "Tommy, what are your favorite movies, not just of this year, but every year as far as years go back?" I know I have always said Star Wars was my favorite movie, but then where do I rank Jurassic Park, the movie that made me first fall in love with movies? And where do all these other films I have claimed to be my top favorites rank? Garden State? The Graduate? Eternal Sunshine? Clockwork Orange? Rushmore? There are still so many more I love so much. I feel as though the only way for me to rank my favorites is to put them into genres, my top favorite blockbusters, indies, sci fi, romantic comedies... errrr... action movies... You feel me?

Okay, that's enough ranting today. What do you think? How do you rank your favorite movies or set up your collections?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Love You Phillip Morris Trailer

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be online yet, but here is the French trailer for Jim Carey and Ewen Mcgreggor in "I Love You Phillip Morris."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weakends Episode 3: Growing Weaker

Sorry for all the freakin delays with this. I had a shit ton of technical difficulties* when making this. It was actually recorded Wednesday, the 19th. This week Tom gets down and dirty with some upcoming Summer releases before he and G.Rett (myself) get to

The Top 5 Stories for the Weak of 11.14.08 - 11.19.08
3. War Monkey's is going to be Crazy!

As always, you can check out the podcast here, or head direct to the episode in the sidebar. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments. If you have any suggestions or would like to e-mail us some comments, do so at filmadelphiablog [at] and we'll be glad to read em on the air!

*if anyone knows where I can get a free GarageBand upgrade for OSX I would much appreciate it. Right now it only lets me edit up to 30 minutes of sound.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The /filmcast listens to Weakends!

It's true. Don't believe me? Check out their latest episode and listen up for their discussion of the recent announcement that Ridley Scott will be directing Monopoly. That's right a movie based on the board game. So this is a board movie? Or shall we say a bored movie? Cause that's what I imagine.

Anyhow, we're obviously big fans of the /filmcast. (We even tried to steal their podcast format like a couple of Silicone Valley pirates!) Some of you might remember that over the summer I would post a weekly request to be on their show right here, but I doubt we were on their radar at that point. That being said, we'd like to give a big thank you and huge shout out to Dave, Devindra, and Adam for throwin some publicity our way. Every little bit counts. And we'd still love to be on the show!

Check out the /filmcast, broadcasting live every Monday at 9pm eastern!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Weakends Episode 2: A New Format

Filmadelphia is finally trying to get on the ball! Since we've found ourselves far too busy to update the ol blog throughout the week, we've changed the format of Weakends a little bit. Instead of blatantly ripping off the /filmcast, we've decided to do our Top 5 Stories of the Weak. We round up all the news for the week and pick our top five and talk about em! Sounds exciting right? It gets even better, G.Rett and Tom have finally decided on a schedule and should actually be updating every Friday! (Maybe Thursday, any opinions on that?)

Also, we haven't given up on the blog. Although Tom is far too lazy, G.Rett is still going to try and make an effort to put some posts up throughout the week. Have no fear, filmadelphia is going to return in a big way with Weakends.

Check out the new episode right now!

Let us know what you think of the new format in the comments!

Show Notes:

Top 5 News Stories for the Weak of 11.7.08 - 11.13.08