Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evil Dead 4 Not Happening Any Time Soon

By this evening, I will hopefully have posted my interview with Bruce Campbell. This is extremely exciting for me, as it was my first big interview. It went really well, and you guys can hear the whole thing later. But there's one piece of news that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention because I don't think anyone else has official confirmation of this yet, although most people probably assumed it.

Evil Dead 4 is not happening. Not anytime soon anyway. Campbell said that he and Sam Raimi did talk about it, but with Raimi signing on to do direct the Spider-Man sequals (and possibly back to back), there's no way they'll be getting to it any time soon. Campbell still has his commitments to Burn Notice, and is in the early stages of work on the next film he wants to direct. So consider Evil Dead 4 officially, evily, dead. At least for the time being.

As a side note, when I asked if they'd use a bigger budget for Evil Dead 4, now that Sam is a big-time director, he said if it were up to him they'd shoot on 16mm with all unknown actors. This sounds like the way to go to me, but I suppose that's an argument we don't need to have anymore.
I'm not particularly disapointed by this news, as I love the original Evil Dead series, and after-the-fact sequals often ruin their original counterparts. However, after seeing My Name is Bruce, it's obvious that Campbell knows his B movies well, and knows how to craft an interesting story without the luxury of a big budget. Thus, if there were to be another Evil Dead, I think I'd be on board with that. How does everyone else feel?