Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weakends Has Finally Arrived! Episode 1: An Interview with Bruce Campbell

It's finally arrived folks, and just in time for your weekend.  The first episode of Weakends!   Weakends is filmadelphia's (supposedly) weekendly podcast, that features me and my friend Tom discussing the week in film news. 

We're kicking things off with an in-depth interview with Bruce Campbell, star of the Evil Dead series, and director/star of the upcoming My Name is Bruce.  His new movie will be here in Philly on Nov. 5, followed by a Q&A with the man himself.  The movie is hilarious, and I would absolutely recommend everyone get out and try to get to this screen.  The man's a blast to talk to.  

Over the course of the interview, we talk about the process of making My Name is Bruce, as well as some of the key players on screen and behind the scenes.  We get into a discussion about Darkman, making and starring in B-movies, his television career, and what the deal is with Evil Dead 4.

You can check out the episode here, or over in the side bar.  I've also posted the true first episode of the show, that Tom and I recorded back in the summer, after Pineapple Express came out, here, as well as in the side bar.  UPDATE: If you'd like to read the text version, click here!

As of right now, due to conflicting schedules, we will air random episodes as we randomly make them.  So look forward to more Weakends in the future! (But probably not next weekend.)

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