Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Sam Raimi trying to make me look like an idiot?

Late last year I had the oppertunity to interview Bruce Campbell (which you can listen to here, or  read right over here).  During the interview, I asked Bruce if there had been any development on the Evil Dead 4 front, since Sam Raimi, the initial trilogy's creator, had announced he and Bruce had been talking about a fourth film.  Bruce told me he and Sam were both so busy on upcoming projects (a new directing gig for Campbell, and the Spider-man sequels for Raimi) that it most likely wouldn't happen, at least not for a while.  So after I interviewed Bruce, I immidiately posted an update on Evil Dead 4 claiming it wouldn't be happening.

Well goddamn you Sam Raimi, stop trying to make me look like a fool!  Cinematical reported today that Raimi, talking to Empire Magazine, revealed that he and his brother Ivan are already at work on a script for Evil Dead 4!  This is exciting news, but don't get too excited.  So far there are seven pages, and it sounds like they're just notes about what they'd like to do with Ash this time around, where they'd like the story to go.  But either way, thanks for breakin my balls Sam.