Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Reitman movie!

I loved his dad, and now Jason Reitman is making a name for himself along the same lines as his father. He's got two acclaimed comedies under his belt, each with a little more brains and a little less insane than Ivan's work, and his next project sounds like a perfect fit. It's called Up in the Air, and its the story of a business man obsessed with getting a million frequent flyer miles. It's based on a book by the author of Thumbsucker, which was made into a decent little indy flick as well. Apparantly Clooney is in talks to star, which sounds great to me. He's got a very natural comedy about him, and I love seeing him play odd characters (O, brother where art thou? anyone?). This sounds like the perfect match-up for a great little comedy with a big presence. I'm excited for this one, count me in!

Note: Reitman also has a bunch of shorts that he's made as well, which I just discovered when looking at his IMDB page. Anyone know if these are available anywhere?