Monday, August 11, 2008

Pineapple Knights

This weekend, it's been reported, is the fourth weekend in a row that The Dark Knight has enjoyed the numer one spot, coming in this weekend with an estimated $26 mil. This is fantastic news, and all us geeks should cheer. Yayyy.

But Pineapple Express was surely meant for some of us geeks as well wasn't it? Of course it was, and the weekend numbers reflect this, putting it at number two with $22.5 mil. But is this really an accurate representation of Pineapple's numbers? I mean, it opened wednesday, so shouldnt its opening weekend either be considered wednesday to sunday, or its first three days in release? According to cinematical, the film had actually pulled $40.5 mil for the full 5 days, meaning its techincal opening weekend was much larger than TDK's take this weekend. I know this means all of the info about other movies that weekend would be inaccurate (you'd have to look at the 5-day cume for all of them, or something) But I think this movie should be given a fair chance.

Maybe what I should be arguing for is no more wednesday releases. If they're not going to tally wed and thurs into your opening numbers, what the hell is the point of opening a few days earlier?

What do you think? Is it fair to say that TDK actually held the number one spot again this weekend? Do you think movies should be allowed to open on Wednesdays?