Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Stupid Trailers

One seems like it might be funny-stupid though. There were at least a couple lines that made me laugh. The other just looks stupid (but I don't generally like movies of its kind).

The first is the red band trailer for My Best Friend's Girl. Now while I generally dislike Dane Cook, I don't hate him and think he has the potential to be funny. And while his previous films have been, at their best, shameful, this looks like it might be a better fit for him, if only because he gets Jason Biggs as his foil, who I still really love (if you need evidence of why, check out The Glitch).

There was a big hullabulloo about this on the net today because of the promotional posters. I'll let cinematical tackle that one, but i'll let you know I agree with them, this is a terrible marketing strategy.

The other trailer (also from cinematical) is for Ridley Scott's new movie Body of Lies, and while I like Scott, I generally don't enjoy realistic spy thrillers (The Good Shepherd was physically painful). Also, this just looks bad. Neither Dicaprio or Crowe is doing a believable accent which always pisses me the hell off, and really, whatever is going on in this trailer, it seems flat and boring. I don't even know if i'll rent this one.

What do you think, do either of these look appealing?