Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who's watching the Watchmen production videos?

That's right, Zach Snyder has posted another Watchmen production video, and this has to be the best one yet.

Doesn't Archie look fuckin awesome? I'm so glad Snyder has decided to use as many practical effects as he has. It's always a huge disapointment to me when movies only employ CGI. There is a great charm to practical effects that I think many filmmakers over look (I'm lookin at you Lucas, you were the king of this back in the day, and then you unintentionally parodied yourself with a new trilogy full of CGI aliens that looked more ridiculous than their costumed counterparts from the originals). If you look at some of the other production videos or photos, you can see that they built a few blocks of NYC as sets to reproduce one of the main settings from the comic. They apparantly also built Veidts Antarctic hideout, complete with the monstrous statues at the entrance of his office.

Week after week, Snyder is proving himself worthy of faithfully adapting one of the most complex comics ever written. If you haven't read Watchmen yet, please go buy it now! (And if you're from philly, hit up either Atomic City Comics or Brave New Worlds to get your copy!)