Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Love Science Fiction movies! New Trailer!

Sleep Dealer, directed by Alex Rivera, just got a trailer, you can find it over at /film (I couldn't embed it, sorry). It looks pretty freakin sweet. I'm excited we're going to be getting a handful of new, decent sci fi movies over the next couple years. Here's the synopsis, via /film: "Set in a future where people can plug into a global computer network using installed body modified holes that tap in their nervous system. The U.S. has installed a wall along the Mexican boarder, but the country still allows outsourcing through node workers who plug in and control remote control robots. A private company has hijacked control of a small Mexican village’s water supply, selling it back to them at a higher price. Memo Cruz is a young man living in this isolated non-tech village, with dreams of working in high-tech factories up north. One day he builds a transmitter that allows him to tap into signals from around the world. But when this transmission is intercepted, it changes his life forever."

What do you think?