Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lullaby getting a big-screen adaptation?

This sounds extremely vague, but it's popped up quite a few times over the past week or so, and since he's one of my favorite authors I figured I'd throw up a little somethin-somethin about it. Apparantly, Palahniuk, who is known for fucking with his audience, has been tossing the name of a director he calls "the Swedish David Fincher," Ulfer Jansen. He has no imdb, and all I can find about him on google are other blogs with the exact same Palahniuk quote about him. So who knows if he actually exists or whether he's attatched to the project or not. However, if Chuck P is to be believed, they're already at the casting stage, but the production is keeping said casting from Palahniuk for now.

Now miss Jessica Barnes over at cinematical ponders "don't you think if this was the real deal, Palahniuk would have been told that information?" While I'd normally be inclined to agree, I've read numerous interviews with him where he talks very candidly about Hollywood, and what it's like selling your work to them. In most cases with his properties, he has to sell the whole thing away to someone else to get it made, so it's entirely possible that he really has no idea who they're casting or when the start of production is.

Count me in on this if it's actually happening though. It seems like there are few people who agree with me, but having read all of Chuck's books except his most recent three, Lullaby is my favorite. It's some of his best writing, and I love how fantastical this story gets as it goes. He grounds it in a believable real world in the beginning, so that by the end you're totally with him when crazy, otherworldly shit starts going down. Hopefully whoever ends up directing this thing can acheive the same.

Anyone else excited? Does anyone else even like this book?