Monday, September 8, 2008

The Mighty Boosh! It's like the revolutionary war all over again!

The Brits are after us Americans again! Except this time its not over the taxation of tea! Actually, my favorite British television program, The Mighty Boosh, is apparently on its way to Adult Swim. And thank goodness, because my non-bootlegging American friends need to see the genius of Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding the way it was presented to me - I saw it by accident. A friend of mine had found what he called a "creepy" video called Old Gregg (which you can view above; listen for the brilliant timing and delivery of "I'm gonna hurt you"). And i'll admit, the first time I watched it, all the humor was lost on me. I thought it was creepy as all hell (again, listen for the brilliant timing and delivery of "I'm gonna hurt you"). Noel's voice, the tutu, the song at the end. I thought it was a David Lynch-styled clip in which I was presented a series of random, unfrightening images, spliced together in just such a way that makes them seem creepy. But of course, this is not the case, as Old Gregg is one of their best, funniest sketches. And if you get it, you should absolutely tune into Adult Swim and check out this show, because it is hilarious. It's also trippy in the fashion you've most likely come to expect from the Adult Swim comedy line-up, so it should fit very well in their schedule. But don't be fooled, although trippy, this is funnier and smarter than most of the comedy you'll find on American television.

Is anyone else already a fan of the show? And thus excited it's coming to America finally?

BONUS CLIP: Check out this hilarious short film starring Fielding with a hilarious guest spot for Barratt called Sweet. Brilliant.