Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watchmen Update!

The courts have set a date for January to begin the trial between Fox and WB. Hopefully this means we'll still get 03.06.09 as an opening date, as this seems to be the perfect opening day for Watchmen. No one else seems to be discussing this, but part of the genius of Watchmen is the way it views time. Keeping with the theme that time is not linear, but rather like a "diamond" (there used to be a video on youtube of Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, describing his theory of time this way, and it is obvious the book is written in coherence with this idea, but I couldn't find the video), which he really gets into exploring in issue 5, Fearful Symmetry, 03.06.09 seems to indicate underlying mathematics that may give meaning to existence, or at least influence it. Thus, I'm even more excited about the movie, since it seems Snyder is trying to keep completely in sync with Moore's vision, even in the advertising. So here's hoping we get to keep that date! (As I've said before, it's also the day before my birthday :-D)