Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Billy Bob's Nightmare

Apparantly Robert Englund has said that Billy Bob Thornton is up for the role that he made famous in the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. I'm not a big fan of this remake kick everyone's on, especially since, like Halloween and Friday the 13th, it seems like they ran out of ideas for the franchise (which in all cases was looking pretty grim by the 3rd installment yet somehow went on to at least 8) so they just decided to go back and make the original idea over again. Dumb.

But I dunno, I'm not terribly familiar with Thonton's work, but what I've seen him in I've liked, and I don't think he's ever played a monster before (unless you count Monster's Ball). This could turn out to be very interesting, and really, whoever they get to play him, should stir up the kind of reaction Thornton is. If they get someone to play Krueger who is kind of an A list, high profile dramatic actor to take on the monster in a horror remake, I think more people will pay to see it. That's sort of what happened with The Dark Knight, and I know I'd surely pay to see Thornton play Krueger, how about you?