Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cruisin for a Bruisin

Tom Cruise wants to do a movie where he plays a fish-out-of-water, professional forced to work with/for kids!? Sounds like someone's having a babbbyyyyyy. That's right, Mr. Holmes wants to do what sounds to me like a kids movie, just like every other actor who has kids and wants to make a movie his kid can see. I hate these movies. The article on cinematical about this makes it sound like this is Cruise trying to dip his pen in comedy's ink once more after his cameo in Tropic Thunder (which I am so excited to see), but this sounds like absolute junk.

The movie is called Food Fight, and its about a chef who is forced to work in a school cafeteria. This is not the kind of premise that makes comedy gold, and I'd be really, really surprised if Cruise is able to turn a genuinely funny performance for something like this. That's not to say it would be his fault, I just can't see a script like this being much different than It Takes Two, or any other Olsen Twin movie (I only mention it because it's got a food fight sandwiched into its cheesy kids teaching adults lessons storyline). I was about to say the only thing that gives me hope is that Steven Brill was originally attatched to direct, and he made Heavyweights, one of my all time favorite kids movies. But then I remembered he went on to make Little Nicky and Without a Paddle. So, I guess it's good news he's no longer attatched?

I mean does anyone really want to see Cruise do something for kid? I think he's a great actor and have really enjoyed some of his performances. But he's just not the kind of guy I see in a movie like this. And really, how often are these movies that actors do for their kids any good? Can anyone think of any examples? Share em on the comments!