Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Introduction To Me: Tommy

Hey this is Tommy,

Seeing as this is my first blog, I feel it necessary to tell a little something about myself so in the future if you read anything else from me you'll have some background on where I am coming from. First of all, Garrett and I have been friends since 6th grade and the only reason we are friends is because of Star Wars (I noticed he was reading the Star Wars Bounty Hunters book and decided to talk to him). It is very fitting that we should have our own blog to comment on films, seeing as it consumes most of our conversations.

A little more about me... I saw Jurassic Park when I was 6 and then decided I wanted to make movies like Steven Spielberg. I guess that's not too exciting of a story, I didn't get my first camcorder until I was 13. At that point Garrett, our friends Carl, Josh, Bezik, And I started making the most horrendously bad movies this planet has ever seen (And you can see most of them on my Youtube account). We also started doing theater in 7th grade, which I enjoyed throughly until I got to High School and didn't like being spanked by a very frisky metrosexual dance instructor. When I got to High School my church decided to put money towards a Canon GL2 and Apple G4, so I started to teach myself some things and by my senior year I was on the school news. Less than a week after graduating high school I went off to basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. The next year I spent between training or in training. When I returned to my beloved hometown of Nazareth, Pa I had an abundance of money from my signing Bonus and decided that instead of blowing it all on a new car I would purchase my very own Canon XL2 and Macbook Pro. That would be the moment that Filmmaking got a little more real for me. I started shooting weddings on the side to make extra cash while I attended Northampton Community College. It was in my two years there that I felt the need to start my own projects. With the assistance of some friends, (James Taylor Jr., Paul Zingone, Courtney Hieserman) we began production on a series of short films entitled "Month And A Half" under the production company I started, Good Quip Films.

Today I am living in Philly awaiting the start of my first semester at Temple University as a film student. I have finished production on the third installment of the Month And A Half Saga and am taking a bit of a breather between writing the fourth and final film. Now, I have quite a few ideas in my head for future short films I would like to write and I am probably going to keep everyone updated on my own projects as I work on things. Of course, I will be focusing mainly on ranting on whatever entertainment news or film that is passing through my brain, but I think it could be neat to talk a little bit about projects while they are in production from the beginning phases to the ending.

Other things you should know about me... I'm incredibly easy going, it's easier to understand what I'm writing if you can envision me saying it (sometimes sarcasm doesn't come through in print), I am a real man because I don't care about looking manly, and I am growing increasingly more cynical as each day passes.


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G.Rett said...

i'm glad you indicated that you are manly. had it gone unsaid, i definitely would've had a completely different impression of you.