Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trailers abound

So I found some suhweet trailers that were posted this morning, all thanks to cinematical. There are two, character centric trailers for the Coen Brothers new comedy Burn After Reading. The funnier of the two is definately Clooney's, I love seeing him play a buffoon.

While I love Brad Pitt, especially when he plays whacky, outlandish characters, he looks.... I dunno... like he's trying too hard in this or something. Although I'm just going to assume there's a lot of great scenes from him that the trailer is simply lacking. The rest of the cast is superd (both female leads always make me laugh) especially Mr. Malkovich. He is a force to be reckoned with on the screen. I think it's gonna be great to see this great cast interract with each other under the pen and direction of the incomparable Coen Brothers.

So on a completely different note, Scott Weinberg over at cinematical has been raving (and ranting) about this new zombie-comedy called Dance of the Dead (I couldn't embed the trailer, age restricted, hit up IGN for it). While I admit I had reservations about this at first (I've still only seen Shaun of the Dead, no Fido yet) because I thought these were just a slew of bad copy-cat direct to dvd type films (although, as Weinberg ranted, this is a direct to video release) now, having seen the trailer, I'm very excited. When those kids come marching down the hall, and especially when one responds "We're the Sci-Fi club, we're here to rescue you" I almost cheered, and I was only watching the trailer. This seems like the perfect combination of every nerds high school fantasy (saving all the wretched assholes that made their life a living hell from actual living hell) and actual zombie thrills.

Let us know what you think about these upcoming films. Are you excited, not at all... I mean the Coen Brothers, come on!