Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Bro's Film Analysis: Pineapple Express

So tonight I went to a party at some people I don't know's house. I don't know why I keep going out to these parties, I think deep down it's in hope that a.) either I'll meet a gorgeous girl and fall in love or b.) that I will meet some like minded life-long friends. Usually what occurs is the much more frequent c.) I sit bored out of my mind on the couch trying to make eye contact with the 3 other people that I know and wait for them to give me the much awaited "Are you ready to go?" line. I find that each party I go to leans towards one extreme. Reciently either the more creative types (where they have heavy opinions on everything and I get intimidated to jump in with my opinion) are having a party or on the oppisite side of the spectrum to put it simply, bros. I'd much rather be uncomfortable at an elitist artsy party than a bro party. Tonight, I was at a bro party. There's just something so phoney about the whole needing to be macho thing that pisses me off. I get it, you can drink more beer than a camel can drink water, awesome. I am a man confident enough in my own manhood to be able to let loose and not care if I seem feminine ever. And what I hate more than anything is how for some reason I get talked to as if I am in some way... less? I guess you could say that... You know like you're just their "pal" or "buddy." And for some reason since this is the image being given of me, I tend to perpetuate it with acting more meek and small. It just happens.

Anyway, as I was sitting there on the couch watching the bros play beer pong they started to talk about Pineapple Express (it also upsets me that bros like all the Judd Apatow movies, seeing as they all seem to be from the nerds perspective, ah well). As they proceeded to discuss the film the only real analysis they could come up with was to relate the film to other movies. One bro said it was "A mix between Shaun of the Dead and Grandma's Boy" while the other bro felt it more akin to "Cheech and Chong and Air Force One." First off... Cheech and Chong... Okay, I'll accept that. Freaking Shawn of the Dead, Grandma's Boy, and Air Force One? Really? As far as I can remember there were no zombies or hijackers involved in Pineapple Express.

I think what is really upsetting me here is that I go to a party in hopes I will meet interesting people, for a chance to interact, to not do what I would ordinarily being doing: watching movies at home. When I finally get out I get stuck with people that actually feel that in some way Air Force One and Pineapple Express are somehow similar other than the fact that to some capacity both movies have action and some guns. Where are all you people that I do want to meet and talk to? You are all sitting at home doing what I would be doing if I wasn't at the party! People, we need to get out of our homes for a little bit and interact, maybe throw some of our own party where ridiculous people need not come. It's not even about having poor taste in movies really. You can have the complete opposite taste in films as me, just have some intelligence and don't be a duesche bag (or a bro). So my challenge to all you other interesting worthwhile people is to get out more so I can meet you and be your friend and we can have our own party's where it's cool to just throw in a movie and actually pay attention to it.