Friday, August 8, 2008

Rumors are like STD's...

Only dicks spread them. Or something like that. MTV interviewed James Franco the other day about a possible Pineapple Express sequal (which Seth Rogen has said, given the right budget, he'd be interested in doing) which I actually think could be a great sequal. Just like the 80's action movies they're taking from, they could franchise Dale and Saul (and hopefully Red too). However, in the interview, Franco muses about a sequal in which the kids from Superbad buy weed from Dale and Saul and have to go on the run together. While this actually sounds like it could also be a hilarious concept (here's hoping Rogen's Officer Michaels is sent after them so that we can get a Rogen vs. Rogen chase scene, on foot) and the characters could actually come together in a logical way, I don't think Franco was being serious. I feel as though I saw an interview with Rogen not too long ago where he mused about the same concept, but he definately sounded like he was kidding. Even the way Franco phrases most of what he says indicates to me that he's just thinking off the top of his head.

The only reason I'm even posting about this is because I feel as though this happens far too often, especially now in the blogosphere (do they still call it that?). Reporters choose specific quotes from interviews they do and then pull them out of context and say "A Pineapple/Superbad crossover! Could it be true?" And then they give a bunch of conjecture about what Apatow might be thinking, and suddenly people are talking about this like it's actual news, when really Franco was just having a laugh with the reporter. This is made worse by the blogs who then pull even smaller quotes out of the already small quotes in the original article and ask, are these rumors true? It's dumb. Why not report that Franco had a hilarious little idea that perhaps Rogen should consider writing. Because that's really what you mean MTV. That Franco made you laugh with his little idea, and now you think it would be funny to see it come to fruition.
Does anyone else notice this, and does it bother you as much as me? Or are you just satisfied knowing that you know better, and you can filter out the bullshit yourself?