Friday, August 8, 2008

What's the big friggin deal?

This morning, every blog I read was flooded with images from The Art of The Dark Knight that Peter at /film posted last night. Everyone seems to think they're way creepier than the actual version Ledger helped create in the film. And I have no freakin clue why. It looks like a torn Michael Myers mask. Which, yes, that mask is creepy, but no, that's not nearly as creepy as what I saw in TDK. As geekadelphia was quick to point out, it's Ledger's facial expressions that really bring the Joker to life. And for me, it's those expressions that really make him creepy. They make the slightly more subtle makeup used in the movie creppier than this flat looking mask type deal.

What do you think? Are these concepts creepier than the Joker we actually saw on screen? Do you prefer these to the Joker you saw on screen? Let us know in the comments!


Eric said...

Ledger's amazing acting talent was what truly made his character horrifying. Make-up can only do so much.

I mean, look at Tim Roth in Planet of the Apes and Ron Perlman in Hellboy. Both of them, fantastic actors under a TON of make-up and plastics. What really made both of them outstanding, was their talent to show such a range of emotion and expression from under all that.

Than look at Ghost Rider. All those special effects and make-up couldn't save Nicolas Cage. He was awful.

And yeah, I know, Planet of the Apes might not be the best movie, but Roth's performance as the villain was fantastic in my opinion. :)

Andddd I'm done.

(Btw, I added you to our blog roll!)