Friday, September 26, 2008

Bill Murray Talks Ghostbusters 3!

The man behind one of my favorite characters in film history (Dr. Peter Venkman) just dropped an extremely juicy tidbit out at Fantastic Fest.  Check the video to hear the man promote his new film, City of Ember, which premiered at Fantastic Fest, as well as answer a few questions.  One of which was about his thoughts on Ghostbusters 3.  It sounds like he not only likes the idea of the guys from The Office writing it, but also states that enough time has passed since the second movie (which he apparently is not too fond of) to make a third one really work.  It sounds like doing the voice work for the video game got him really excited about the characters again.  

This has me all giddy and excited, like I'm ten years old again.  My one concern was that they wouldn't be able to get Murray to come back for another one.  With that concern remedied, I hope they get the ball rolling and fast track this mofo.  I want to see it on a 2010 release slate (which as it turns out, is exactly how IMDB lists it, although we all know how trustworthy that thing is).

Who else is pumped?


Lucy said...

it is great news they are going to make ghostbusters 3

G.Rett said...

Yes it is. We're very excited about it over here. Although there aren't too many other bloggers that seem to be joining us in our celebration. Thanks for the comment!