Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're Back! A Blogger's Story

Sorry for the break in updates folks. Things here in Philadelphia are getting crazy. I now write for two publications other than this one, go to school fulltime, and work parttime. Fear not though! This is not the main reason for my lack of updates. The main reason, is that film news has been rather boring lately. I'm trying to make it a point to only post articles about news I'm interested in. I also don't want to spread lousy rumors. That kind of shit has just been getting ridiculous on the net.

So with that, I found some interesting stuff today finally! Beginning with this link to a two and half hour interview with Charlie Kaufman! I haven't had the time to listen to it yet, but I'm rather excited to do. This guy is a fantastic writer, and I'm very excited for his upcoming directorial debut. If you listen to it, let me know what you think!